CH 7: When the margins explode

Toronto- and New York-based documentary filmmaker Paramita Nath on Arrival City Chapter 7: When the Margins Explode. Paramita shares her experience working in Mumbai with the NFB’s Highrise Digital Citizenship project and the fight to retain occupied illegally-built housing at the Campa Cola Complex.

CH 6: The death and life of a great arrival city

Claire Nelischer, of Toronto’s Centre for City Ecology, on Arrival City Chapter 6, Istanbul’s gecekondu settlements, and the ongoing struggle for a physical presence and sense of place in the arrival city.

CH 4: The urbanization of the village

Tanzeel Merchant, Director of the Toronto-based Ryerson City Building Institute, on Arrival City Chapter 4. Tanzeel explores the rural/urban divide of our imaginations, looking at how our collective imagination of “the village” shapes how we approach rural landscapes in pop culture, popular opinion, and policy.

CH 2: Outside In: The Lives of the New City

Nithya V. Raman, a Los Angeles- and Chennai-based urban planner and founder of Transparent Chennai, on Arrival City Chapter 2. Nithya V. Raman on the arrival city as an aspiration and the supports required to foster socio-economic progress in these cities. Nithya reflects on the five cities visited in the chapter and questions whether these arrival cities are all truly offering a “path to the middle class” for their residents.

CH 1: On the edge of the city

Liza Fior, a London-based architect and founding partner of muf architecture/art shares her response to Chapter 1 of Arrival City, a journey through Liu Gong Li, China – a place unfamiliar to Liza – and Tower Hamlets, London – a place where Liza and her firm have explored and worked for many years.

Noah Addis: A Snapshot of Future Cities

Photojournalist Noah Addis has a beautiful set of photos of informal settlements as part of his project Future Cities over at LensCulture. He has travelled all over the world for his job and along the way he has snapped photos of areas of informal development in every corner of the globe. In addition to Future…

A Brief History of Modern Istanbul

Over by the Bosphorous, tides of change have ushered in a new chapter of history, a new style of architecture, and a new identity of the great metropolis of Istanbul. Taksim Square is the most recent wave of fighting for the character of Istanbul — you might remember the protests in defense of parks, trees,…

Manila: The Living Necropolis

Manila is a coastal city bursting at the seams of Manila Bay, extremely dense and still growing; with 13 million inhabitants and a grave housing crisis, upwards of 43% live in informal settlements. In such a small space, only 38.5 sq km or a quarter of the size of Washington, DC, land is at a…

Remittances: Coming and Going

A global world with people on the move means money is on the move, too. Some people strike out on their own in a new place to jump at opportunity but millions of people follow migratory paths that have been carved out by economic and social shifts in recent history. In Arrival City we visit…

Hukou in China: How do you keep 1.35 billion people in their place?

China’s population has topped 1.35 billion and its cities are bursting at the seams. Internal migration brings throngs of people to densely packed suburbs and work places, but the Chinese hukou (household registration) system restricts the rights people have once they leave their home district and threatens their welfare. Arrival City spends a lot of…