CH 10: Arriving in style

Gerben Helleman, a Rotterdam-based urban geographer and writer behind the blog Urban Springtime, on Arrival City Chapter 10. Gerben explores immigration in the Netherlands by looking at the planned vs. the lived city, and argues for the need to leave room for spontaneity and small-scale solutions in the arrival city.

Interactive Activity: Notes from our ‘Tower Renewal in the Arrival City’ Webinar

Last week, we hosted our second webinar, presented by Cities of Migration and the Centre for City Ecology as a special interactive element of the City Builder Book Club. Titled “Tower Renewal in the Arrival City”, the webinar demonstrated how investments in social and physical infrastructure in tower neighbourhoods are unlocking the potential of Toronto’s arrival city neighbourhoods as thriving, connected, supportive communities.

CH 8: The new city confronts the old world

Esra Kücük and Robin Laumann of Berlin’s Junge Islam Konferenz on Arrival City Chapter 8. In recent years, German arrival cities have undergone a process of structural change, and Berlin exemplifies this transformation vividly. And still, “citizenship in both the legal and the cultural sense” – as Sanders insightfully remarks – is a crucial factor for arrival in Germany, and sadly, still missing to a large extent.

Interactive Activity: Your City Photowalks

We asked Book Club members to share the sights of their cities by creating photowalks that tell a visual stories about their neighbourhood, the people that live there, and the history of arrival and movement in this place. By using StoryMap JS, Book Club members have given us a peek into their neighbourhood using photos and brief descriptions tied to map locations. Here’s what we have received from readers so far.

Interactive Activity: Tower Renewal in the Arrival City Webinar

Join our webinar to learn how the ground-breaking Tower Neighbourhood Renewal project in Toronto is exploring alternative narratives about urban renewal from European cities, integrating social resiliency, stewardship, adaptability into city-building and changing how we think about and live in tower neighbourhoods.

Interactive Activity: Notes from our ‘Parks to Farms’ webinar

Spitalfields City Farm in Tower Hamlets, London, UK As Doug Saunders notes in Arrival City, successful arrival cities are always making room for “the other”. Inclusion and a sense of belonging are key underpinnings to immigrant success in the city, where connections into a new community reveal economic opportunities and social supports. Our recent webinar, presented…

CH 1: On the edge of the city

Liza Fior, a London-based architect and founding partner of muf architecture/art shares her response to Chapter 1 of Arrival City, a journey through Liu Gong Li, China – a place unfamiliar to Liza – and Tower Hamlets, London – a place where Liza and her firm have explored and worked for many years.