Powers of Towers

Canadian urbanism magazine Spacing has just release a fantastic short film on Toronto’s Tower Neighbourhood Renewal project, focusing on the work of Graeme Stewart and Sabina Ali, recipients of the 2014 Jane Jacobs Prize and contributors to the City Builder Book Club.

Interactive Activity: Notes from our ‘Tower Renewal in the Arrival City’ Webinar

Last week, we hosted our second webinar, presented by Cities of Migration and the Centre for City Ecology as a special interactive element of the City Builder Book Club. Titled “Tower Renewal in the Arrival City”, the webinar demonstrated how investments in social and physical infrastructure in tower neighbourhoods are unlocking the potential of Toronto’s arrival city neighbourhoods as thriving, connected, supportive communities.

Interactive Activity: Your City Photowalks

We asked Book Club members to share the sights of their cities by creating photowalks that tell a visual stories about their neighbourhood, the people that live there, and the history of arrival and movement in this place. By using StoryMap JS, Book Club members have given us a peek into their neighbourhood using photos and brief descriptions tied to map locations. Here’s what we have received from readers so far.

CH 5: The first great migration: How The West arrived

Ken Stewart of Chicago’s Rebuild Foundation on Arrival City Chapter 5. Ken shares how the work of Theaster Gates and Rebuild is using art and cultural infrastructure to counter the lingering effects of the colour line in Chicago’s Black Belt and rebuild the momentum of the area as an arrival city.

Interactive Activity: Your City Soundwalks

We asked Book Club members to share the sounds of their cities by creating audio recordings of 2 minutes or less that demonstrate the auditory sense of place in their neighbourhood or city. Here’s what we have so far – from Baltimore, Toronto, and New York City.

Interactive Activity: Tower Renewal in the Arrival City Webinar

Join our webinar to learn how the ground-breaking Tower Neighbourhood Renewal project in Toronto is exploring alternative narratives about urban renewal from European cities, integrating social resiliency, stewardship, adaptability into city-building and changing how we think about and live in tower neighbourhoods.

CH 3: Arriving at the top of the pyramid

James Rojas, a Los Angeles-based urban planner, community activist, and artist on Arrival City Chapter 3. James introduces the concept of the ‘latino vernacular’ as an architectural manifestation of arrival. He shares insights on how Latino immigrants translate their own attitudes towards housing, land, and public space into physical interventions in the architectural and cultural landscape of Los Angeles.

Interactive Activity: Notes from our ‘Parks to Farms’ webinar

Spitalfields City Farm in Tower Hamlets, London, UK As Doug Saunders notes in Arrival City, successful arrival cities are always making room for “the other”. Inclusion and a sense of belonging are key underpinnings to immigrant success in the city, where connections into a new community reveal economic opportunities and social supports. Our recent webinar, presented…

Arrival City: An Introduction from Mary Rowe

Arrival City speaks so eloquently to the resilience of the human race, not only as individuals, but as a collective, and to the resilience of what is arguable our greatest achievement: cities. We are a communal species, thankfully, and our future rests with each other, and our collective capacity to understand what kind of problem a city is, and continue to build better. Because a city is never done. Cities enable people. Cities enable hope. Welcome to the City Builder Book Club Volume 2: Arrival City.

Gentrifying Toronto: The 21st Century Arrival City

Did you catch Doug Saunders’ latest in the Globe and Mail? He talks about downtown Toronto as an arrival city for immigrants and youth and the impact of gentrifying the housing market in neighbourhoods that traditionally attract them. It’s really great food for thought — and fuel for important conversations we need to have.

Thorncliffe Park Celebrates North America’s First Public Tandoor Oven

Exciting news from Toronto! Thorncliffe Park, the arrival city in our home city, has welcomed a brand new addition to the neighbourhood: North America’s first public tandoor oven. It’s no secret that food is, above all else, what brings people together, especially in a diaspora. It’s one thing to be able to go to one…

Mayor Rob Ford Bristles Thorncliffe Park

Thorncliffe Park, nestled in the central valley that defines Toronto’s residential core, is a lot like other arrival cities Doug Saunders visits around the globe: it’s filled with highrises, populated with immigrant populations from all over the world, and it houses one of the highest levels of poverty in the city. But it’s also notably…