CH 9: Arrival’s end: Mud floor to middle class

Beatriz Vicino, a São Paulo-based architect and educator, on Arrival City Chapter 9. Beatriz shares her thoughts on the potential to travel from São Paulo’s geographic, social, and economic periphery to the urban middle class, weaving in her perspective on the city’s 2013 riots, marginality and consumption, and the right to the city.

CH 2: Outside In: The Lives of the New City

Nithya V. Raman, a Los Angeles- and Chennai-based urban planner and founder of Transparent Chennai, on Arrival City Chapter 2. Nithya V. Raman on the arrival city as an aspiration and the supports required to foster socio-economic progress in these cities. Nithya reflects on the five cities visited in the chapter and questions whether these arrival cities are all truly offering a “path to the middle class” for their residents.

You Can Now Cruise Favelas on Google Street View

Back to Brazil! CityLab reports that Google and Microsoft have been mapping favelas and people seem pretty pleased about it. Victors write history, right? So literally being put on the map is a form of validation of, well, existence. This is overall a positive step from the technological giants after Google honoured the mayor of…

Torre David: Vertical Living

Venezuela has gotten a rocky start in the 21st century. The polarized politics, oil-fueled economy, and faded charisma of the government has left Caracas and the rest of the country drifting, idling until it finds a way out of its depression. There are some glistening and glamorous parts of Caracas, rippling from its heyday as…

World Cup’s Problems Spilling Over

The FIFA World Cup has been underway for several weeks now and the quarterfinals are just about to come to a close. Since Brazil was awarded with hosting the 2014 World Cup back in 2007 the country has been hard at work trying to accommodate the billions of dollars that are being spent on a…